Testimonials on Facilitation & Coaching


In facilitating writing groups, I am committed to two things in equal measure: 1) Recognizing and celebrating the writing and 2) Maintaining a safe, challenging, and respectful space in which writers and writing can flourish.

Comments from students in Falmouth, MA, 2014:

“I was a beginner and I was writing along with the rest of them and keeping up. Some were [experienced] writers in the class. Now that’s a good teacher. I would recommend this class to anyone. It was fun and it woke up my creativity.”

“Heidi is great with managing a diverse group of students. We are very different from each other in terms of outlook, life experience, education, not to mention writing ability. She was able to get something out of each of us, every session. An education for us all, even in the smallest ways.”

Comments from students in Seattle, 2013 and earlier:

“I felt safe. I felt like a writer. I loved the feedback on my writing. I went to unexpected places [in my writing]. The process made it possible!”

“Beautiful, gentle facilitation. I liked the variety of prompts and variation of writing time.”

“I’ve taken Heidi’s workshops in the past and adore her teaching style. Heidi uses her love of writing and her strength as a facilitator to support and inspire others in their writing. The way she holds the energy of the group ensures that there’s room for everyone. We are all writers in her class — each of us special and accomplished no matter our experience or technical ability. Somehow, even without the use of judgment or critique, our writing is given a boost. Our skills are honed and our voices strengthened. Heidi’s workshops benefited me far beyond my writing skills. Like a spa for the soul, the classes were about deep self-care for me, sharpening my senses and helping me stay present in my day to day life.”

“Heidi strikes a great tone in her classes, giving people a safe space to write and then share what they’ve written. She is also very skilled at facilitating a group. I really tapped into some good stuff while participating in her classes, and would love to take more of them!”


My clients regularly tell that, after a brief conversation with me, they feel re-charged, clear about their ideas, and ready to get back to writing.

“Heidi Stahl is an ideal editor and writing coach. She is sensitive to the writing process, fluent with the craft, honest and thoughtful in her feedback. Whether it’s basic assistance with grammar, syntax, and structure, or the more in depth work that can help an author clarify her or his ideas and shape her or his manuscript into a finished product, Heidi Stahl has the necessary skills and capacities. She has helped me move my book forward, expanding its reach and deepening its story.”
— Catherine Johnson, Farmer, Writer, Personal & Professional Consultant, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

“I consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to Heidi Stahl while I was in the process of writing my masters thesis. Heidi provided exceptional support and service throughout my writing process. She was efficient, thorough and professional. I highly recommend her services.”
— Amanda Mount, Operations Specialist at OSPI

“Heidi helped me get through my Master’s Thesis. I had a very short deadline and Heidi stuck with me the whole time. She helped me by editing, coaching and supporting me through one of the most difficult processes I have ever had to go through. I wouldn’t be a Master’s graduate if Heidi hadn’t been there to help me meet my deadlines, edit my thesis and most of all be my coach and mentor.”
— Georgia Leon, Project Manager/Commercial Real Estate/Lease Administration

“Heidi was so helpful to me during a struggling writing project. She made concrete suggestions that worked and invited me to expand my view of the piece itself. Her ideas made the piece come alive in some ways I hadn’t noticed before. She is easy to work with, gives great coaching, and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her and have referred other people to her with good results!”
— Diana Schachter, Seasoned Therapist/Coach

“As an editor for my book, Heidi provided professional editing, meaningful input, and helpful suggestions. She provided me an easy means of working long-distance and was a positive support.”
— Beverly A. Battaglia, Ph.D.
Author of Changing Lanes: Couples Redefining Retirement

“I hired Heidi to edit my graduate school thesis while I was attending the Leadership Institute of Seattle. Heidi’s assistance was invaluable. Before we began working together, Heidi shared how she works, how quickly she could turn things around and what I could expect from her, and she delivered! Every time I sent her a new round of material for review, she communicated when I could expect her edits and if I needed a quick turnaround, she did her best to provide edits as quickly as possible. She not only provided specific feedback on grammar, sentence structure and style guide requirements, but she would also suggest ideas and concepts or restructuring the strengthen my position. I could not have completed this process so successfully without Heidi’s help and expertise!” — Heidi Harris, Sr. Manager, Talent Management Communications at Denver Public Schools

“Heidi has been an instrumental writing coach for me on various projects. She is very talented at balancing positive encouragement to help build confidence with her skilled editorial background. The end result for me is a clearer and more powerfully written product that is built in a collaborative partnership. Heidi is reliable, efficient and makes the editorial process much less threatening.” — George Brewster, Gimbal Systems, LLC

“Heidi was the editor of my choice for many students working on writing their thesis requirement for a graduate degree at Leadership Institute of Seattle. I always recommended her to my students. I was confident that she would provide the student with information he/she could understand, apply and translate into a more effectively written document, ultimately producing a thesis representative of graduate student. She worked diligently with students to produce quality results. I never heard a complaint from a student. From my end, I could always depend on getting work which was more carefully thought through, from the technical perspective, thereby negating the amount of iterations we had to go through before completion. Heidi provides stellar professional services.”
— Bev Behrman, Organization Development Consultant, Educator & Clinical Counselor

“Heidi helped with the editing of my wife’s doctoral dissertation. With a fast approaching delivery date and tons of material in the niche of attachment theory, dealing with a non-native English speaker, Heidi was very professional, met the interim commitments on time and delivered a quality work.” — Mihai Costea, Program Manager, Office365

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