Hearing Ourselves into Being

Recently I had an experience that reminded me of what can happen when I share my creativity with someone I trust. I was gifted with a beautiful dream of walking through an old European city late at night. There were few people in the square where I found myself. Small groups of people stood waiting for the chimes of an immense, shadowy cathedral to ring 4:00 a.m. Priests and others in robes were filing into the cathedral to prepare for a mass that would begin in a few hours. I didn’t know what the dream “meant” — I still don’t, and I don’t much care to pin down an interpretation. But I did want to share the powerful images with someone, and I chose someone I know who would listen closely. As I described the narrative of the dream, my voice broke on the word “cathedral” and I was awash in a sense of great energy and potential, a feeling that my unconscious was showing me that my current path in life is taking me into immense, heretofore unknown resources of beauty, tradition, and wisdom that lie deep within. The import of the images broke through as I voiced them. My heart was able to throb its knowing, and cut through any intellectualizing or skepticism or uncertainty that easily could have obscured the dream’s gift, the gift of the creative unconscious. Being heard, knowing that I was sharing this gift with someone who has a reverence for life and its mysteries, allowed my own deep knowing to register, and for me to see and feel the bounty that life is currently bestowing.

I think something similar can happen when sharing our writing. Of course it is wonderful to hear what people liked, what stood out, what they remembered. Just as wonderful is the opportunity for us to hear ourselves, to feel the newly written words taking shape in our throats and mouths, to feel our creativity flowing through us, first in writing, then in our voices. When we have trusted people to share our writing with, we can hear ourselves and our creativity into being. We can marvel and delight in our “unique creative genius” and we can welcome that genius home.

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